Two Cents From A Georgia Peach: Hi, I’m Meredith

Posted by on August 18th, 2013

sweet tea, mason jars

Sweet tea and Mason jars

I’m from the land of sweet tea and mason jars. The South, where we like our old southern traditions and our fried chicken, preferably homemade by our grandma’s at supper. I grew up outside of Atlanta, Georgia with heavy family lines in Charleston, South Carolina. I went to school below the Mason-Dixon line where it’s common to see cocktail dresses and bow ties at your college football game on Saturday. Speaking of football—there really isn’t any thing better now, is there?! Everywhere else in the country, you’ll find people with face paint and jerseys on. No, not in the South! Football is the occasion of the week and that tailgate is a formal party. Our highlights of the fall are Saturdays, dressing up, cheerin’ on our team from the sideline.

I moved out here to Colorado for my love of the mountains, and let’s be honest, to see some snow once in a blue moon! We have some of the Appalachian Trail that starts in Georgia, and I have had my fair share of those mountains, but it was time for something new. I made the spontaneous decision to move out West and I ended up Breckenridge with all y’all mountain peeps. There’s that sayin’, “you can take a girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl”….that pretty much summed up my moving experience. Everyone out here immediately recognized and associated me with my southern habits and remarks.

Growing up in the South was where I grew a love for weddings and made the career decision to work for all those brides. Seeing all those rustic country weddings just made my heart burst! I loved everything about the fine details down to the mason jars and burlap. So now as Johnna’s and Eb’s assistant, I am here to add my southern hospitality and charm to the bunch! I am going to be adding my southern (a.k.a opinionated) two-cents in on the blog, so be looking out for that!

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