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Keystone Wedding Planner: Allie & Jordan

Posted by on October 17th, 2013

Originally from Lousiana, Jordan and Allie, along with their many guests, traveled far and wide to attend this stunning wedding at Keystone’s Stube. They chose a mountain wedding, and I think everyone would agree, the rustic-mountain décor was absolutely stunning. They had loved touches of burlap signs and pillows that brought out an amazing rustic-chic look. They used a vintage cake topper—from their own grandparents!! Allie’s Dad welcomed everyone from his or her far-off locations and had everyone in the house tearing up a bit. But when “Baton Rouge” started playing the whole crew was shakin’ a leg out on the dance floor! Such a fun group! Below are a few photos from the event captured by Jessica Christie Photography.

Allie and Jordan Wedding at Keytop Overlook

wedding in Keystone, ColoradoWhere everyone traveled from to attend the wedding

Wedding Escort Card in Keystone, Colorado


Wedding in Keystone, Colorado


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Keystone Wedding Planner: Sarah & Dale

Posted by on October 15th, 2013

Sarah and Dale got married at Timber Ridge on top of North Peak in Keystone, Colorado.  It was one of those crazy weather days where just as we got all of the seats on the deck dried off and wedding friendly the sky would open up again and send us all running for shelter!  Thanks to the sophisticated weather tracker in the back office of the Outpost we found our window and Sarah and Dale were married on the deck in gorgeous weather.  These two must have some good karma!  Thank you so much to Mark and Michelle from IN Photography for these stunning photographs!

Picture of wedding

Sara and Dale on top of North Peak at Timber Ridge

picture of wedding

Sara and Dale at Timber Ridge

picture of a wedding cake

Amazing Chef Ned creation

picture of wedding

Gorgeous flowers by Bloom at Timber Ridge

picture of wedding

Timber Ridge in Keystone, Colorado

picture of North Peak in Keystone, Colorado

View from the top of North Peak in Keystone, Colorado

picture of wedding

Sara and Dale get married on the deck at Timber Ridge

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Recycled/Green Wedding Details: Lace, Ribbon, Burlap

Posted by on October 2nd, 2013

After creating the tin can lantern for the recycled/green wedding décor project with Rachael Grace Photography, I wanted to do something else with tin cans.  The idea of being able to place something in the recycling instead of the trash at the end of the night was so appealing. As a wedding planner, the end of the night can be a little sad. Not only is the big event over, we also have to throw away so much décor. With tin cans, you can just throw it in the recycling. Much better! To make these cans only took about 10 minutes. Wrap it with your wedding colors in lace or ribbon and voila! You have a green, recyclable vase!

Tin Cans wrapped with lace and burlapTin Cans wrapped with lace and burlap

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