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Vail Wedding Planner: Candace and Adam

Posted by on August 21st, 2017

Candace and Adam got married on top of Vail Mountain on the Vail Wedding Deck.  The weather was as beautiful as the bride.  Just kidding-not even close!  We then moved down the mountain to the gorgeous Arrabelle at Vail square.  Liz of Fluer de Liz made the whole room soft and glowing with custom candelabras and flowing fabric.  Great Time DJ  kept the crowd moving while Jason and Gina caught every amazing moment!

Candace and Adam live in Austin, but their New York City proposal story is one of my favorites!    I always love to hear both sides of the proposal so here it is in their own words:

Candace: It was the most magical and incredible proposal I could have ever asked for!  We went to New York City right around Christmas, so the city had that extra sparkle and holiday magic to it! Adam planned everything out perfectly (with the help of some of my friends), and it was the best weekend of my life!  We took a stroll through Central Park, and unexpectedly Adam dropped to one knee and proposed on the Bow Bridge, I could not believe it. Then he took me back to the hotel, where two of our closest friends, Melissa and Barrett, had flown in from Texas to be a part of the weekend! Everyone celebrated all weekend, we moved from one fabulous restaurant to the next, and met up with more of my closest friends (Erienne, Betsy, and Sean) who all live in New York.  From comedy shows to shopping in Soho, we really enjoyed all the sights and sounds the city had to offer, it was amazing.

Adam: I had the whole thing planed for months, I don’t know how I didn’t blow the surprise. Although Candace threw me a curve ball… I had planned to propose on a horse drawn carriage ride in the park, and Candace decided last minute that she didn’t want to take the carriage because it was cruel to the horse! So instead we took a pedi-cab around the park, which is essentially a human drawn carriage! But it all worked out, he let us off at the bridge and you know the rest. That’s why I love her, she’s got the biggest heart.

Awwwwww!  Now for the visuals!

picture of a brideand bridesmaids

picture of a bride and groom

picture of a bride and groom

picture of a bride and groom

picture of a bride

picture of a mountian top wedding

picture of a bride and groom

picture of a bride and groom

picture of a wedding reception

Picture of escort cards

picture of a wedding

Picture of a bride and bridesmaids

picture of a groom and his groomsmen



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Breckenridge Wedding Planner: Darienne and Charlie

Posted by on May 5th, 2017

We met Darienne and Charlie for coffee in Breckenridge and six months later they were married at Ten Mile Station.  Darienne had an etheral beauty and a calm confidence about her and Charlie was the life of the party.  The day was filled with laughs!  Charlie is in the entertainment industry so he brought a DJ and emence from New York City and I have to say that I have never been SO entertained!  Looking at Darienne and Charlie that day felt like you were watching two best friends embarking on a new adventure.  I must say a highlight for me was when the officiant had forgotten to take the security tag off of his suit jacket.  He absolutely owned It!  Petal and Bean   did an amazing job making the room pop with color and  Meigan Canfield Photography  captured every moment of the day!

picture of a wedding

picture of a bride and groom

picture of a bride and groom

picture of a bride and groom

picture of a wedding centerpiece

picture of a desert bar at a weddingpicture of a desert bar at a summer weddinger

picture at a wedding in Breckenridge, Colorado

picture of a wedding at Ten Mile Station

picture of a summer wedding

picture of wedding centerpieces

picture of a wedding

picture of a bride and groom

picture of a wedding

picture of a bride and groom



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Destination Wedding Planner: 5 Cool Groomsmen Gifts They Will Actually Use

Posted by on March 20th, 2017

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably having a hard time looking for the perfect groomsmen gifts. To help you out, here are some practical yet personalized groomsmen gifts your friends will love:

  1. Personalized mugs with caricature

Add a splash of fun to the usual gift mug by having your groomsmen’s faces hand painted on it. These mugs are perfect for toasting during the rehearsal dinner or for holding alcohol on your stag party. You can easily find online sites that sell personalized mugs. Have them add your groomsmen’s name below the caricature or print your wedding date underneath.

picture of a groomsmen gift


  1. Travel bags for the adventurous pal

If you’re having a destination wedding, why not give your guys a travel bag to mark the day? You can choose from a variety of sizes depending on the length of your event. You can find bags small enough for a weekend getaway or big enough for a week-long stay at the beach. Stylish travel bags are always welcome gifts for friends who are frequent travelers. They can also be versatile and be used for work or the gym

picture of a groomsmen gift

  1. An organizer for the messy fellow

We all have that buddy who constantly loses their keys, pens, or watches. For your guy friend, this Dock ‘n Roll will help him organize his keys or phone so he’ll never have to fumble around looking for them. It also has multi-functional features with slots for his phone, key chain, and watches or bracelets. You can also give a tie organizer, for friends who have an abundance of ties. Now he can keep his room clean and keep his ties off the floor.

picture of a groomsmen gift

  1. Funky accessories

A pair of socks with fun and colorful designs will definitely add some pop to your groomsmen’s attire. They’re fun to wear and can be worn wherever he likes – be it at work, the gym, or even on your wedding day. Level up their style by giving them a funky pair of bifocal glasses. These funky accessories are the perfect mix of practicality and style.

picture of a groomsmen's gift

  1. Grooming materials

Any well-groomed guy knows that keeping your beard trimmed or your face fuzz-free is a full-time job. This Barber in a Box set comes with a well-designed razor, sharpening stone, pair of scissors, and comb that are ready to use and easy to carry around. With this kit, friends can keep their beard, stubble, goatee, Vandyke or muttonchops always on point.

picture of a groomsmen igft


Giving your guy friends something practical doesn’t have to be boring. With these cool groomsmen gift ideas, your friends will be thanking YOU or wishing for another go at helping you walk down the aisle.


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Colorado Wedding Planner: Candice and Marshall

Posted by on February 21st, 2017

Candice and Marshall’s wedding was a family affair!  Marshall’s daughter Presley was included in every part of the day–from the sand ceremony to the first dance.  Candice and Marshall rented the River Tree Lodge and got married on the shore of the Blue River.  Spectacular!  They enjoyed dinner and dancing in a gorgeous tent right on the property. As a Colorado wedding planner I am always thrilled to be part of a tent wedding–they are so creative! Salt Creek Steakhouse provided an amazing meal as DJ Spud of Elite Entertainment got the party going.  Candice and her father put in hours of practice on their first dance and it was a hit!  If that isn’t enough fun, the guests could head over to the Photo Booth and get some great snaps!  A huge thank you to Melissa of Plum Pretty Photography  for these amazing photos!

Picture of a mountain wedding

picture of a mountain wedding

picture of a mountain wedding

picture of a mountain wedding

picture of a bride and groom

picture of a photobooth at a wedding

picture of a father/daughter dance at a wedding

picture of a bride and her father dancing

picture of a wedding favor

picture of a mountain wedding

picture of a tented wedding reception

picture of an outside bar at a wedding


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Colorado Wedding Planner: Happy Valentines Day

Posted by on February 14th, 2017

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Thank you Joe Kusamoto of Joe Kusamoto Photography for this amazing photo!

picture of sparklers at wedding


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