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New addition to Distinctive Mountain Events!

Posted by on April 24th, 2013

Everyone meet Lyndsey Riley!  Lyndsey is the newest addition to the Distinctive Mountain Events team.  Lyndsey is our new “day of” coordinator extrodinaire.  I asked her a few personal (and somewhat random) questions and here is what I got:  Favorite Color?  Purple          Any Pets?   A  4-year-old mutt that I rescued from Louisiana named, Loula. 

Favorite thing about Colorado?  The Rocky Mountains and the plethora of outdoor activities that it has to offer.

Hobbies?  Traveling, cooking, photography, hiking, camping, snowboarding, mountain biking and music.

Best Wedding Moment?  One of my best friends got married on a farm in New Hampshire 7 years ago. During the reception my friend and I surprised the the bride and groom and all of the guests with a fire work display. It was a magical moment that ended their perfect day in a memorable way.     Best place in Colorado to have a wedding?  On top of a mountain!      Favorite Book?  Into Thin Air by Jack Kerouac.     Favorite Movie?  Almost Famous.     Best Breckenridge Moment?      When I met my boyfriend/soulmate at Jake’s Dive bar (never thought I would meet a man in a bar, never say never!).

I’m looking forward to an amazing summer and glad to have Lyndsey along for the ride!

picture of lyndsey riley

lyndsey riley


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