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Winter wedding advice from a Breckenridge wedding planner

Posted by on November 11th, 2013

picture of weddingWinter weddings are so special; they always feel incredibly intimate and magical.  As a wedding planner from the Rocky Mountains, I have a few tips for all of you winter brides:

The most important thing to remember when planning a winter wedding is the weather!  We all know that winter can turn harsh without much warning and if you’re not prepared it can spell disaster for your nuptials.  When you begin planning, think of every possible scenario (snow, wind, transportation etc.) and think of a plan in case those elements come into play.  If you’ve got a contingency plan in place you will not have to stress on your big day.

When it’s cold outside, especially if it’s snowing, guest comfort becomes a heightened concern.  You want your venue to be warm and cozy, but not stuffy.  Ventilation is key!

Another way to ensure your guests comfort in the winter months is by greeting them with a warm drink when they arrive, like hot chocolate or a warm spiced wine.  Consider having pashminas (you can order them online for about  $2.oo) in a basket or hanging on the backs of chairs for guests who catch a chill.

Go heavy on candlelight!  The warm light candles provide is perfect for a winter wedding.

Last but certainly not least is winter wedding fashion!  Winter weddings give brides an opportunity to use fun accessories like scarves, cardigans, boots and faux fur boleros.  Put a wintery twist on a classic bridal look!

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