Tips from a Breckenridge, Colorado Wedding Planner

Posted by on May 11th, 2013

So you’re getting married in the Rocky Mountains!  You’ve got the guy.  You’ve got the dress.  You’ve got the perfect wedding planned.  Now what do you pack????

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Packing for a wedding in the the Rocky Mountains can be just as complicated as planning the wedding itself.  The mountains come with gorgeous views but not many  essential shopping spots.  Be prepared!

The weather in the mountains changes quite a bit in the summer months.  The days are hot and the nights are cool.  Make sure you pack a cardigan, jacket, or wrap that will go with all of your evening outfits.

Pack several types of shoes–ballet flats, sneakers, flip flops, and several pairs of heels.  Decide which shoes you will be wearing for the ceremony and the rehearsal if it is outside, and how you will walk if the ground is uneven or wet.  Don’t forget the cowboy boot is always an option here!

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Make sure that you bring the appropriate undergarments for all of your outfits.  Our mountain towns have amazing boutiques but no Victoria’s Secrets.

Last but certainly not least your wedding dress.  Plan to carry your wedding dress on the plane with you!  Airlines consider your wedding dress to be a carry on item and therefore must be able to fit in the overhead compartment.  Most airplanes do have a closet on board that is controlled by the flight attendants.  Upon arrival at the airport, speak with both the ticketing agent as well as the gate agent to have your dress hung in the closet.  Be prepared that you may need to put the dress overhead though, and consider purchasing a hand steamer to have shipped in advance so that you can steam out any wrinkles.

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Most importantly remember that the only thing you truly need for your wedding is each other!       Thank you Rocky Mountain Bride for these helpful tips.

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