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Posted by on June 16th, 2013

Choosing flowers for your perfect day!

picture of wedding flowers

The most important thing a bride should know about selecting her flowers:  There are no right or wrong choices!  Flowers are very personal.

Get A Head Start – look online, at magazines, or books for ideas and inspiration.  Pinterest is an excellent way to store and organize your ideas.  Bring photos that have captured your attention to meetings with potential florists.  However, many florists enjoy being given a free hand….give them a color palette and budget and see what they create for you!

Determine Your Budget.  Have a “must” list and a “wish” list.  The florist will be able to work with you in recommending flowers to fit your needs and your budget.

Consider The Color And The Season.  Use the internet or your florist to see if flowers you like are available in your color palate.  Are they in season when you are getting married?  It’s always a good idea to have backup flowers selected, just in case

Start With The Bride’s Bouquet.  Provide a picture of the wedding dress if possible.  Do you want your bouquet to be more formal or more laid back?  How large do you want it to be?  When selecting the bridesmaid’s bouquet consider the size versus your own.  Do you want it to have the same flowers or be a little different?  Swatches of fabric fro the bridesmaid’s dress can help with color selection.

The Groom and Groomsmen Are Next.  Boutonnieres can be made with most flowers typically used in bouquets.  Do you want larger and formal or smaller and simpler?  Your florist can brainstorm ideas  based on your flower selections.  The same goes for corsages.

Centerpieces  can be the most expensive thing in the budget when taken as a whole.  If your trying to stretch your dollar have some low cost alternatives in mind.  Again your florist should be able to give you some ideas.

Thank you to Neils Lunceford for these helpful tips!

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