Breckenridge Wedding Planner Plans Her Wedding!

Posted by on January 24th, 2014

The wedding venue has been chosen and the contract has been signed. Let me back up. Wes and I met and fell in love a little over seven years ago. About four and a half years into it, he asked me to marry him. I’ll save you from doing the math. We have been engaged for two and a half years. To some (most), that would seem like a really long time. Not for us. We have been having a blast trying to find the perfect wedding venue. We have been EVERYWHERE. Not only have we done a ton of research on the Internet (Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Maryland, Florida, Santa Fe, etc), but we have also actually traveled to a few places. Turns out the Florida Keys are a great place to fish but a place to have a wedding?…not for us. Our families have even been in on the research.  My mom, dad, aunt and uncle went to our family farm in Iowa to check out a venue. (Yes, I have an amazing family) Well after all of that, we found it. Ridgway, Colorado. I know it’s hard to believe we end up in the state we call home. Colorado is just so beautiful so why wouldn’t we get married here? I cannot wait to share with you my experience of planning our wedding.

Breckenridge Wedding Planner plans her wedding

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  1. Trig says:


    Your wedding is going to perfect (obviously)!

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