As a Breckenridge Wedding Planner I love this company

Posted by on May 16th, 2012

As a Breckenridge wedding planner I am always on the hunt for those special touches that make a wedding day memorable.  One of my favorite companies Dogeared Jewels and Gifts has just released a bridal collection.  This collection pairs your favorite jewels with your favorite sentiments and is ideal for wedding party gifts.  As a Breckenridge wedding planner I understand the importance of giving the perfect wedding party gift to everyone in your life important enough to share this moment with you.  They even have a bridal concierge to help with special requests or bulk ordering.  Visit their website at today!

As a Keystone Wedding Planner I really enjoyed this day

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  1. Hollie says:

    If you, your spouse and your wedding photographer get along well, then it will make the photography experience more fun,
    and will yield better results. If you spend some time on these basics then
    it will be easy to put together a wedding planner book to create the type of wedding that’s perfect for you. Learn to candidly and realistically capture the big day. Fifty years is such a long time to be married these days. If you must split the two locations, try to find a place nearby.

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