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Breckenridge Wedding Planner: Most Romantic Wedding Story Ever!

Posted by on November 24th, 2015

Headline reads:  Toronto Couple Cancels Big Wedding to Help Sponsor Syrian Refugee Family Instead.

picture of a wedding

A Toronto couple recently canceled their big wedding to use the money instead to help sponsor a Syrian refugee family’s settlement into Canada.

Samantha Jackson and Farzin Yousefian had planned a traditional wedding for March — complete with a gorgeous venue, a caterer and other vendors – costing tens of thousands of dollars, Jackson told ABC News today.

But the two decided to toss their plans after realizing the money could be used for a cause close to their hearts and greater than themselves, said Jackson, a doctorate student studying public policy.

“We were in the midst of wedding planning in September when that devastating photo of 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi found on a beach came out,” Jackson said. “Like so many other people, we became acutely aware of how bad the situation was getting and how important it was to act and do something positive, so we canceled the wedding and redirected the funds.”

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Breckenridge Wedding Planner: DIY Hanging Mason Jar Wedding Lanterns

Posted by on June 18th, 2015

picture of a DIY wedding lantern

Wedding lanterns bring glowing ambiance to your venue. What’s great about them is they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings. Whether you hang them along the aisle, on the ceiling or make them your centerpiece, they have that charismatic effect the guests can’t resist. Today, we are going to make simple yet elegant mason jar lanterns that give a sophisticated vibe to your big day.

You Need:

1.  Mason jar

2.  Electrical wire

3.  Pliers

4.  Wire Cutter


First, grab about 13-inches of electrical wire. Using knife or cutter, slice the plastic coating to get the copper wire. Copper wire is one of the important materials for this project. You can also directly buy copper wire from the local store to save you from this task.

picture of DIY lanterns

Now, you have a shining copper wire. Grab pliers and at one end of the copper wire, you will make a loop. Hold the one end and twist it around until it looks like a pea shape. Wrap the copper wire around the neck of the jar. Then, hold it halfway around and bend the wire. About 1/2 inch from the bend, cut the wire using wire cutter. This will give you enough space to twist the wire. Get the pliers and do on this other end what you did with the last one. Just make this one a little bigger and make the two loops face each other.

picture of DIY lanterns

You are going to do the same with the other piece. Make one loop at other end. Give a little space as you will insert this loop with the other piece. Hook the two loops and use pliers to close back up around the loop. Again, measure the copper wire around the jar’s neck and cut the excess. Make another loop in another end. Hook it with the other piece. Secure the loops tightly so you still have your lantern in one piece at the end of the day.

picture of DIY mason jar lanterns

Next, we will work on the handle. Get another 13-inch copper wire. Create a loop at other end but keep it open and hook it with the horizontal loop. Use pliers to close it. Pull the wire to straight it out before you bend it. Create loop at one end, hook it and secure it. Stretch the wire a bit to give it a nice curve for a perfect handle.

picture of a DIY mason jar lantern

And that’s it! You are done! An adorable and simple DIY hanging mason jar lanternfor one-of-a-kind wedding. Moreover, you can place candles or LED lights that serve as substitute to light at night.

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Just Because…

Posted by on May 8th, 2015

Breckenridge Wedding Coordintor

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Breckenridge Wedding Planner: Distinctive Mountain Events has been featured on Bespoke Bride!

Posted by on March 3rd, 2015

Great News! Distinctive Mountain Events has been featured on  Bespoke Bride!  As a Breckenridge wedding planner it is always an honor to have our work featured.  Click on this link to check out Kristin and Bobby’s amazing Rocky Mountain Wedding:  A HUGE thank you to Mark and Michelle of IN Photography for capturing this day!

picture of a wedding in Breckenridge, Colordo

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Destination Wedding Planner

Posted by on February 11th, 2015

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