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Destination Wedding Planner: 5 Cool Groomsmen Gifts They Will Actually Use

Posted by on March 20th, 2017

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably having a hard time looking for the perfect groomsmen gifts. To help you out, here are some practical yet personalized groomsmen gifts your friends will love:

  1. Personalized mugs with caricature

Add a splash of fun to the usual gift mug by having your groomsmen’s faces hand painted on it. These mugs are perfect for toasting during the rehearsal dinner or for holding alcohol on your stag party. You can easily find online sites that sell personalized mugs. Have them add your groomsmen’s name below the caricature or print your wedding date underneath.

picture of a groomsmen gift


  1. Travel bags for the adventurous pal

If you’re having a destination wedding, why not give your guys a travel bag to mark the day? You can choose from a variety of sizes depending on the length of your event. You can find bags small enough for a weekend getaway or big enough for a week-long stay at the beach. Stylish travel bags are always welcome gifts for friends who are frequent travelers. They can also be versatile and be used for work or the gym

picture of a groomsmen gift

  1. An organizer for the messy fellow

We all have that buddy who constantly loses their keys, pens, or watches. For your guy friend, this Dock ‘n Roll will help him organize his keys or phone so he’ll never have to fumble around looking for them. It also has multi-functional features with slots for his phone, key chain, and watches or bracelets. You can also give a tie organizer, for friends who have an abundance of ties. Now he can keep his room clean and keep his ties off the floor.

picture of a groomsmen gift

  1. Funky accessories

A pair of socks with fun and colorful designs will definitely add some pop to your groomsmen’s attire. They’re fun to wear and can be worn wherever he likes – be it at work, the gym, or even on your wedding day. Level up their style by giving them a funky pair of bifocal glasses. These funky accessories are the perfect mix of practicality and style.

picture of a groomsmen's gift

  1. Grooming materials

Any well-groomed guy knows that keeping your beard trimmed or your face fuzz-free is a full-time job. This Barber in a Box set comes with a well-designed razor, sharpening stone, pair of scissors, and comb that are ready to use and easy to carry around. With this kit, friends can keep their beard, stubble, goatee, Vandyke or muttonchops always on point.

picture of a groomsmen igft


Giving your guy friends something practical doesn’t have to be boring. With these cool groomsmen gift ideas, your friends will be thanking YOU or wishing for another go at helping you walk down the aisle.


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We were published in Borrowed & Blue!

Posted by on March 7th, 2017

We were published in Borrowed & Blue for Ali and Rob’s Keystone Ranch wedding! Click on the photo above to check out all of their lovely wedding photos! Thank you Caroline of Caroline Colvin Photography for sharing!



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