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Breckenridge Wedding Planner: Adorable ways to style your flower girls

Posted by on April 30th, 2014

Today I have some style for thought for your cherished little flower girls.  Flower girl style is just as unique as the bride’s wedding day style!  For those of you looking to add some ‘wee chic’ to your wedding I hope this inspires you!

picture of flower girls

Flower Girls

Flower girl fashion can vary widely but they are still typically dressed in tones similar to the brides or bridesmaids dresses.  Often dresses and shoes are pastels or pale palettes.

picture of a flower girl

Flower Girls

Just like the bride, flower girls can have fun with their accessories!

picture of flower girls

Flower Girls

Flower girls don’t just carry baskets of petals anymore.  A really cute alternative to the basket is to have your flower girls carry signs.  This is a fun idea because your sign can say anything!

picture of flower girls

Flower Girls




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Breckenridge Wedding Planner Plans Her Wedding!: Recycling

Posted by on April 25th, 2014

When choosing a wedding venue, it was very important to Wes and I that the venue we chose, have some of the same values we find important. Before booking with Chipeta Solar Springs Resort and Spa, we asked them about their ‘green’ practices. They do not sell plastic water bottles in their rooms, they recycle (huge), they use as many local and organic products as possible, they use fractionated coconut oil and essential oils for their spa treatments and they do not use pesticides on their property! After hearing this, we went ahead and booked our wedding. In addition to these, you can also ask if your venue composts waste. The wedding venues we work at all the time in Keystone are huge advocates of this and I love it! Not only does the food left on plates go somewhere good instead of in a landfill, it helps grow future flowers. Call me what you will but this really makes me smile! 🙂

Breckenridge Colorado Wedding Planner

Breckenridge Colorado Wedding Planner

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Happy Easter from your Breckenridge Wedding Planner!

Posted by on April 20th, 2014

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!

Breckenridge Colorado Wedding Planner

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The Colorado Wedding Planner Plans Her Wedding! – Flowers

Posted by on April 19th, 2014

Flowers can make a big impact on the décor at a wedding. When Wes and I started planning our wedding, I knew I wanted to do something different. A lot of resources are used to get beautiful flowers on your wedding table. I wanted to use fewer resources and still make a big impact on our wedding tables. A way I thought of doing this with baby’s breath. Not only does it use less energy to produce, it is also really inexpensive.  When you add this to the colorful napkins we will be using, the tables will have color and be easy on the environment! Photos to follow after the big day!

Colorado Wedding Planner

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Breckenridge Wedding Planner: Mount Princeton Hot Springs

Posted by on April 15th, 2014

My girlfriends and I got together last weekend to catch up on trash magazines and soak in one of Colorado’s finest natural hot springs; Mount Princeton Hot Springs in Nathrop, Colorado.  Imagine my surprise (and secret delight) to see the staff preparing for a wedding!  As a Colorado wedding planner I was immediately intrigued, and set out to find a tour guide. Gill Engles the onsite concierge was kind enough to show me around the wedding ceremony meadow and the reception pavilion.  What a hidden gem–I just had to share!  The ceremony meadow sits in front of Chalk Creek with lovely flowerbeds all around and an amazing bridge for a dramatic entrance no bride could resist.  Photo by Smitten Photography.

picture of a wedding

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