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Recycled/Green Wedding Details: Mason Jars

Posted by on January 30th, 2014

During one of the weddings we planned last summer at Timber Ridge in Keystone, Colorado we came across a great story that involved a very popular wedding trend; mason jars. The bride’s family had a really creative way of collecting them. When I told Rachael about the story, we knew we needed to include it in our green/recycled wedding details series. The mother of the bride was an elementary school teacher and told her students she would give them a piece of candy for every jar they brought in. The kids were hungry for candy and the results were amazing. There were so many mason jars in every shape and size. We put a candle in each and it just lit up the room. Perfection!

 Old jars as candle holders for wedding receptionOld jars as candle holders for wedding receptionOld jars as candle holders for wedding reception

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Vail Wedding Planner: Jessica and Coe

Posted by on January 28th, 2014

Jessica and Coe, both locals in the Vail Valley, decided to take their love of the mountains and wrap their wedding around it.  They started the day early taking pictures all over Vail.  Next we headed up the mountain to the Vail Wedding Deck where the views are unforgettable!  After a beautiful Jewish/Christian ceremony we were on the move again!  This time to the Sebastian Hotel to dance the night away–seriously the dancing started the minute the guests arrived and didn’t stop until the very end.  What an amazing day!  Thank you toTrig and Char of Trystan Photography for capturing every moment.

picture of Vail wedding

Vail Wedding

picture of a wedding in Vail

Vail wedding

picture of a wedding in Vail

Vail wedding

picture of the Vail wedding deck

Vail wedding deck

picture of a wedding on the Vail Wedding Deck

Vail wedding deck

picture of a Vail Wedding

Vail wedding

picture of wedding

Sebastian hotel

picture of a Vail wedding

Vail wedding


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Breckenridge Wedding Planner Plans Her Wedding!

Posted by on January 24th, 2014

The wedding venue has been chosen and the contract has been signed. Let me back up. Wes and I met and fell in love a little over seven years ago. About four and a half years into it, he asked me to marry him. I’ll save you from doing the math. We have been engaged for two and a half years. To some (most), that would seem like a really long time. Not for us. We have been having a blast trying to find the perfect wedding venue. We have been EVERYWHERE. Not only have we done a ton of research on the Internet (Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Maryland, Florida, Santa Fe, etc), but we have also actually traveled to a few places. Turns out the Florida Keys are a great place to fish but a place to have a wedding?…not for us. Our families have even been in on the research.  My mom, dad, aunt and uncle went to our family farm in Iowa to check out a venue. (Yes, I have an amazing family) Well after all of that, we found it. Ridgway, Colorado. I know it’s hard to believe we end up in the state we call home. Colorado is just so beautiful so why wouldn’t we get married here? I cannot wait to share with you my experience of planning our wedding.

Breckenridge Wedding Planner plans her wedding

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Breckenridge Wedding Planner: My Favorite Moments of 2013

Posted by on January 22nd, 2014

2013 was an incredible year for Distinctive Mountain Events!  We were fortunate enough to be a part of so many amazing weddings in Breckenridge, Keystone and Vail.  These are my favorite moments from 2013!

Breckenridge Wedding Planner

picture of a wedding

Dry Gulch Placer

picture of a wedding

Maggie and Ed on Peak 7

picture of a wedding

Christine and Brian dancing the Hora

picture of sparklers at wedding

Sean and Crystal with sparklers at their wedding in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

picture of dog at wedding

Embry with a here come the bride sign at Sean and Crystal’s wedding



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Vendor Spotlight: Mountain Glo

Posted by on January 17th, 2014

We recently had the privilege of sitting down with a ‘newish’ company in the mountains. Lindsey Davis is the owner of Mountain Glo. A spray tanning company that will come to you! We thought this would be perfect for our brides and wanted to share our conversation with you.

Mountain Glo, Breckenridge, Colorado

Mountain Glo in Breckenridge Colorado

Mountain Glo in Breckenridge Colorado

~How long have you had your business? I am still in my first year of business.

~What made you start your business? I saw a niche for a party style spray tan. What that means is I will come to you and you can make a party out of it. Like have wine and cheese while everyone gets their tan.

~How should brides get ahold of you? My phone number is 970.333.0329, my email is and my website is

~Do you have a travel fee/minimum number of people? $30 for one tan/no travel fee if inside Summit County. There is a charge of $5 if outside of Summit County.

~Sounds great, what are your group prices? If the bride has 4 people getting a tan at $30 then she gets her tan for FREE. This goes for anyone that wants to host a party. If there are 6 people then the tans go down to $26; 8 people the price goes down to $23.

~When should a bride get her tan? I suggest getting a spray tan 1 or 2 days before. This way she will be glowing on her big day.

~What should people do to prepare for a spray tan? Even though the lotion drys quickly, you should always wear loose clothing. Also exfoliating with a loofa or a brush will help prepare your skin to absorb the lotion. Make sure to shave before receiving your tan. If you shave afterwards, the razor acts as an exfoliator and you run the risk of losing your tan.

~What kind of products do you use? I use completely organic, all sugar based, vegan, cruelty free products.

~Awesome! How soon after you get a spray tan can you shower? 7-8 hours. So I recommend getting a spray tan at night, before bed that way when you wake up in the morning, you can get in the shower and start your day.

~And how long does a spray tan typically last? It will a last up to a week if you take care of it. No shaving and tons of lotion.

Don’t blend in with the snow, come and get your glow!!”



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