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Two Cents From A Georgia Peach: Hi, I’m Meredith

Posted by on August 18th, 2013

sweet tea, mason jars

Sweet tea and Mason jars

I’m from the land of sweet tea and mason jars. The South, where we like our old southern traditions and our fried chicken, preferably homemade by our grandma’s at supper. I grew up outside of Atlanta, Georgia with heavy family lines in Charleston, South Carolina. I went to school below the Mason-Dixon line where it’s common to see cocktail dresses and bow ties at your college football game on Saturday. Speaking of football—there really isn’t any thing better now, is there?! Everywhere else in the country, you’ll find people with face paint and jerseys on. No, not in the South! Football is the occasion of the week and that tailgate is a formal party. Our highlights of the fall are Saturdays, dressing up, cheerin’ on our team from the sideline.

I moved out here to Colorado for my love of the mountains, and let’s be honest, to see some snow once in a blue moon! We have some of the Appalachian Trail that starts in Georgia, and I have had my fair share of those mountains, but it was time for something new. I made the spontaneous decision to move out West and I ended up Breckenridge with all y’all mountain peeps. There’s that sayin’, “you can take a girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl”….that pretty much summed up my moving experience. Everyone out here immediately recognized and associated me with my southern habits and remarks.

Growing up in the South was where I grew a love for weddings and made the career decision to work for all those brides. Seeing all those rustic country weddings just made my heart burst! I loved everything about the fine details down to the mason jars and burlap. So now as Johnna’s and Eb’s assistant, I am here to add my southern hospitality and charm to the bunch! I am going to be adding my southern (a.k.a opinionated) two-cents in on the blog, so be looking out for that!

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Recycled/Green Wedding Details: Thrift Store Picture Frames

Posted by on August 17th, 2013

Picture frames are always a great find at thrift stores. If you are like me, you have a collection of them. When Rachael Grace Photography and I were thinking about recycled/green décor ideas for a wedding, I wanted to incorporate them somehow. Tables need numbers and I needed a place to put the picture frames. Perfect. Table numbers in the picture frames! Adds a special something to the table and best of all, you can put your favorite wedding photos in them to remember that special day.

Thrift store picture frames for wedding table numbersThrift store picture frames for wedding table numbers

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Breckenridge Wedding Planner: Christine & Brian

Posted by on August 12th, 2013

Christine and Brian got married literally on the ski mountain they both love!  Ten Mile Station is nestled on top of peak 10 in Breckenridge, Colorado.  The couple included selected Jewish traditions in their ceremony and reception.  My favorite was the Hora!  Brian and Christine were lifted in their chairs by all of the male guests while everyone danced around them clapping and shouting.   Amazing energy!  Thank you to Jamie of Jaime Fischer Photography for sharing these images.

picture of a wedding

Christine and Brian dancing the Hora

picture of a wedding

Christine and Brian share a moment before their wedding

picture of bride and groom

Christine and Brian at Ten Mile Station

picture of couple dancing

Christine and Brian’s first dance

picture of a bride

Christine right before her wedding

picture of shoes

Dancing Shoes!

picture of a Chuppa

Christine and Brian under the Chuppa

picture of bride and groom

Ten Mile Station










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Top 5 Wedding Dress Trends for 2014

Posted by on August 2nd, 2013

The industry’s top bridal designers descended on New York last weekend to show their Spring/Summer 2014 collections at Bridal Market.  Thank you Collin Cowie weddings for sharing!

1.  Bare Backs–Designers took a backwards plunge this season with naked, open, draped and cut out backs.

picture of a wedding dress

Bare back wedding dress

2.  Pastels– Don’t be afraid to show off your girly, sweet side in cotton candy pink or a creamy caramel color.

picture of pastel wedding dress

Pastel pink wedding dress

3.  Long Sheer Sleeves– Lace, tulle, chiffon covered the arms in a delicate playful take on the reveal-conceal.

picture of a wedding dress

Beautiful sheer sleeve wedding dress

4.  Screen Siren–Designers were clearly influenced by the past icons of film noir and the silent screen days.

picture of a wedding dress

Screen siren wedding dress

5.  Short Skirts–Short skirts were all over the runways, from tea length to way above the knee.

 picture of wedding dress


Happy shopping ladies!

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