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New addition to Distinctive Mountain Events!

Posted by on April 24th, 2013

Everyone meet Lyndsey Riley!  Lyndsey is the newest addition to the Distinctive Mountain Events team.  Lyndsey is our new “day of” coordinator extrodinaire.  I asked her a few personal (and somewhat random) questions and here is what I got:  Favorite Color?  Purple          Any Pets?   A  4-year-old mutt that I rescued from Louisiana named, Loula. 

Favorite thing about Colorado?  The Rocky Mountains and the plethora of outdoor activities that it has to offer.

Hobbies?  Traveling, cooking, photography, hiking, camping, snowboarding, mountain biking and music.

Best Wedding Moment?  One of my best friends got married on a farm in New Hampshire 7 years ago. During the reception my friend and I surprised the the bride and groom and all of the guests with a fire work display. It was a magical moment that ended their perfect day in a memorable way.     Best place in Colorado to have a wedding?  On top of a mountain!      Favorite Book?  Into Thin Air by Jack Kerouac.     Favorite Movie?  Almost Famous.     Best Breckenridge Moment?      When I met my boyfriend/soulmate at Jake’s Dive bar (never thought I would meet a man in a bar, never say never!).

I’m looking forward to an amazing summer and glad to have Lyndsey along for the ride!

picture of lyndsey riley

lyndsey riley


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Breckenridge Wedding Planner: Allison & Tyler

Posted by on April 19th, 2013

Allison and Tyler brought some good ju ju to Colorado in March!  They got married at the Lodge and Spa in Breckenridge under a sunny sky and 60 degree temps.  The Strobachs and Peersons were a fun bunch.  They had good times dancing to Drew Regges an acoustic guitarist out of Breckenridge.  At one point he was playing hip hop requests for Allison and her bridesmaids!  I felt honored to be a part of this day.  A big thank you to photographer to Michelle Mamedes for sharing these images with us!

picture of wedding

Allison and Tyler get married on the deck at the Lodge and Spa

picture of wedding

Tyler and Allison have the perfect deck wedding in March!

picture of wedding

Tyler and Allison’s amazing day on the deck of the Lodge and Spa


picture of wedding

Tyler and Allison with all the lovely ladies


picture of the wedding

Allison and Tyler on the sunny deck of the Lodge and Spa



picture of a wedding

Allison and Tyler on the deck at the Lodge and Spa












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Wedding parade in New Orleans, Louisiana!

Posted by on April 9th, 2013

I was in the French Quarter in New Orleans this past weekend celebrating my girlfriend’s birthday, when out of nowhere an incredible parade roared passed us!  A brass band, a bride and groom and several dozen wedding guests made up this amazing spectacle.  As a Breckenridge wedding planner I immediately go on my smart phone and did my research.  Here’s what I found and the photos I was able to take!

One of the most popular traditions during New Orleans weddings is the famous Second Line.  At a wedding it signifies the start of a new beginning of life for the bride and groom.  The Second Line Band leads the bridal party and the guests from the church to the reception venue.  The first line is usually a brass band and the ones being honored, the bride and groom.  The newly married couple leads the Second Line holding uniquely decorated umbrellas or parasols.  All of their guests who want to join in the celebration make up the Second Line.  The guests form a line behind the band and the newly married couple, dancing and strutting to the lively music with handkerchiefs or cocktail napkins!


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Keystone Wedding Planner: Allison & Michael

Posted by on April 1st, 2013

When Allison said yes to Michael’s proposal she was made an official member of the “James Gang”.  Not as scary as it sounds!  The gang consists of Michael and his four amazing children.  Allison rocked it in cowboy boots and the “James Gang” entered the reception Gangnam style.  A big night of dancing and family fun ensued!  Allison and Michael are beautiful people inside and out–thank you to Katie Girtman of Studio Kiva for capturing it all on film!

picture of wedding

The “James Gang”

picture of wedding

Michael and Allison just married

picture of Allison in her cowboy boots

Allison in her cowboy boots

picture of wedding

Allison and Michael husband and wife

picture of  wedding

Snowy Kiss

picture of wedding

Champagne sorbet at Keystone Ranch

picture of wedding

Family photos surround the guest book

picture of wedding

Michael and Allison sample some of chef Ned’s delicious cake

picture of winter wedding

Michael and Allison’s winter wedding









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