Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Dress

Posted by on November 14th, 2013

Often times we are asked how couples can save money in their wedding. One of the ways to do this is to save on the wedding dress. There are so many options and different prices for wedding gowns. With these few tips, you can save money on the dress and put that money towards another important aspect in your wedding.

Sample Sales: Most gown salons have sample sales to get rid of older gown and make room for new ones. This is a great opportunity for you to buy a designer wedding gown at a discounted price. This works particularly well if you’re a size 8 to 12, as most sample gowns are in that size range.

wedding dress sample sale

Trunk Shows: If there’s a designer that you love, look on their website and find a trunk show near you. Often, gowns from a featured designer are discounted during a trunk show – usually around 10 percent – plus you’ll be able to see exclusive gowns that aren’t normally carried in stores.

wedding dress trunk show

Be Honest: Before you start trying on dresses, tell your consultant your budget – and be firm. Ask the price of each dress before trying it on. If it doesn’t fall within your price range, move on to the next. You don’t want to fall in love with a gown that you can’t afford – so don’t even let it become and issue.

wedding dress budget


Go Simple: The more beading and embellishments and wedding gown has, the more expensive it will be. Instead, look for dresses that don’t have a lot of adornments and add a sparkly sash or brooch if you need a little extra sparkle.

simpe wedding dress

Limit Alterations: If you’re shopping at a sample sale, don’t assume that it’s more cost effective to buy a gown that doesn’t fit and get it altered. Major alterations can cost more than the dress if you’re not careful. And also, choose a gown that you love pretty much as is with limited customizations. Adding straps, changing a silhouette, changing a color – all of these changes can add up.

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