Colorado Wedding Planner: Rachael & Jay

Posted by on November 21st, 2017

Rachael and Jay had a Rocky Mountain wedding at Timber Ridge on top of North Peak in Keystone, Colorado. As a Colorado wedding planner I work with many different personalities each wedding season.  I have to say Rachael and Jay were pure joy!  These two were crazy about each other and had such a great sense of humor I just have to share.  I love it when a couple can inject humor into their wedding day. Exhibit A:  See below for a photo of their wedding day favors.  Exhibit B:  Jay and Rachael’s family had a surprise video for Rachael.  Apparently Rachel tried out for the dive team in high school and had a video of her not so stellar performance.  Rachel’s sister not only showed the video at the wedding–Jay and Rachel’s entire family went to the same pool and shot a video of each of them mimicking her dive.  It’s true!  The whole room was in tears.  A huge thank you to IN Phtotography for capturing all of the fun that day.


picture of a wedding favor

Picture of a wedding favor

picture of a bride and groom

picture of a bride

picture of a bride

picture of wedding decor

Picture of a wedding cake

picture of a wedding ceremony

Picture of a wedding ceremony

picture of a kiss



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