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Tips from a Breckenridge, Colorado Wedding Planner

Posted by on February 11th, 2013

When you have a wedding in the mountains, you are lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views. There can also be challenges that come along with having a wedding here. Hopefully the next series of blog posts titled ‘Advice from a Wedding Planner’ will help you avoid some of these minor challenges to make your day run as smooth as possible.

Wearing stilettos has always been in fashion but sinking into the ground has not. These little pieces of wood allowed the bridesmaids to stand in the grass without sinking and also showed them exactly where to stand. Smart!

Wood placements for bridesmaids

These little plastic pieces are called ‘Heels Above’ and will also keep you from aerating the lawn. 🙂

Heels Above

Hopefully these two tips will keep those heels nice, pretty and free of dirt. Happy planning!


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