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Breckenridge Wedding Planner, Plans Her Wedding! : Decor Optimization

Posted by on May 8th, 2014

During the wedding season last summer, I took the opportunity to save some decorations that normally would have gone in the trash. I know this may sound bizarre but I thought it was a great chance to give second life to a normally single used decoration. When Wes and I began our wedding planning journey, I knew I wanted to include these items. Whether it was burlap runners or wooden pedestals, I was very happy to be reusing these items!

Another way we kept from having decorations that are single use is by saving our San Pellegrino and Espolon bottles. Two of my favorite liquids! Mineral water and tequila! These bottles normally would end up in our recycling. Instead, I removed the labels, tied a piece of jute around the neck and filled the bottle with a flower. After the wedding, the bottles will simply be placed in the recycling. Stay tuned for the beautiful result!

Breckenridge Wedding Planner Breckenridge Wedding Planner Breckenridge Wedding Planner Breckenridge Wedding Planner

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Recycled/Green Wedding Details: Mother’s Wedding Dress

Posted by on March 15th, 2014

I absolutely love the idea of using your mother’s old wedding dress as your wedding dress.  When Rachael from Rachael Grass Photography and I were talking about being more ‘green’ during a wedding, we knew we needed to include this. Fashion has changed through the years so (with your mom’s approval of course) you can take a piece of what you really love about your mom’s dress and have a seamstress transform it into something that you will cherish forever. That way you can have something you love and a part of something that your mother did.

Breckenridge Wedding Planner

Breckenridge Wedding planner

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