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The Colorado Wedding Planner Plans Her Wedding! – Flowers

Posted by on April 19th, 2014

Flowers can make a big impact on the décor at a wedding. When Wes and I started planning our wedding, I knew I wanted to do something different. A lot of resources are used to get beautiful flowers on your wedding table. I wanted to use fewer resources and still make a big impact on our wedding tables. A way I thought of doing this with baby’s breath. Not only does it use less energy to produce, it is also really inexpensive.  When you add this to the colorful napkins we will be using, the tables will have color and be easy on the environment! Photos to follow after the big day!

Colorado Wedding Planner

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Breckenridge Wedding Planner Plans Her Wedding!

Posted by on February 27th, 2014

Wedding Goals and Direction

When thinking about what direction I wanted our wedding to go in, I started by thinking about what I dislike most about weddings.  There is just so much I love about weddings I thought this would be an easier route. Wes and I are huge outdoor people and try to be mindful of the environment in everything we do.  We try to buy local whenever possible and always recycle.  Why not carry these same thoughts over to our wedding. I realize it’s part of the job but being a wedding planner I unfortunately see so much waste at the end of a wedding. During the process of planning our wedding, I am going to try and be as gentle to the environment as I can and still pull off an amazing wedding. I am going to share these ideas in my upcoming blog posts so keep a look out!

 Keeping in mind one or more goals for your wedding will help you pull off a wedding of your dreams. So remember, it’s your wedding day so make it yours.

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Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Dress

Posted by on November 14th, 2013

Often times we are asked how couples can save money in their wedding. One of the ways to do this is to save on the wedding dress. There are so many options and different prices for wedding gowns. With these few tips, you can save money on the dress and put that money towards another important aspect in your wedding.

Sample Sales: Most gown salons have sample sales to get rid of older gown and make room for new ones. This is a great opportunity for you to buy a designer wedding gown at a discounted price. This works particularly well if you’re a size 8 to 12, as most sample gowns are in that size range.

wedding dress sample sale

Trunk Shows: If there’s a designer that you love, look on their website and find a trunk show near you. Often, gowns from a featured designer are discounted during a trunk show – usually around 10 percent – plus you’ll be able to see exclusive gowns that aren’t normally carried in stores.

wedding dress trunk show

Be Honest: Before you start trying on dresses, tell your consultant your budget – and be firm. Ask the price of each dress before trying it on. If it doesn’t fall within your price range, move on to the next. You don’t want to fall in love with a gown that you can’t afford – so don’t even let it become and issue.

wedding dress budget


Go Simple: The more beading and embellishments and wedding gown has, the more expensive it will be. Instead, look for dresses that don’t have a lot of adornments and add a sparkly sash or brooch if you need a little extra sparkle.

simpe wedding dress

Limit Alterations: If you’re shopping at a sample sale, don’t assume that it’s more cost effective to buy a gown that doesn’t fit and get it altered. Major alterations can cost more than the dress if you’re not careful. And also, choose a gown that you love pretty much as is with limited customizations. Adding straps, changing a silhouette, changing a color – all of these changes can add up.

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Winter wedding advice from a Breckenridge wedding planner

Posted by on November 11th, 2013

picture of weddingWinter weddings are so special; they always feel incredibly intimate and magical.  As a wedding planner from the Rocky Mountains, I have a few tips for all of you winter brides:

The most important thing to remember when planning a winter wedding is the weather!  We all know that winter can turn harsh without much warning and if you’re not prepared it can spell disaster for your nuptials.  When you begin planning, think of every possible scenario (snow, wind, transportation etc.) and think of a plan in case those elements come into play.  If you’ve got a contingency plan in place you will not have to stress on your big day.

When it’s cold outside, especially if it’s snowing, guest comfort becomes a heightened concern.  You want your venue to be warm and cozy, but not stuffy.  Ventilation is key!

Another way to ensure your guests comfort in the winter months is by greeting them with a warm drink when they arrive, like hot chocolate or a warm spiced wine.  Consider having pashminas (you can order them online for about  $2.oo) in a basket or hanging on the backs of chairs for guests who catch a chill.

Go heavy on candlelight!  The warm light candles provide is perfect for a winter wedding.

Last but certainly not least is winter wedding fashion!  Winter weddings give brides an opportunity to use fun accessories like scarves, cardigans, boots and faux fur boleros.  Put a wintery twist on a classic bridal look!

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Recycled/Green Wedding Details: Lace, Ribbon, Burlap

Posted by on October 2nd, 2013

After creating the tin can lantern for the recycled/green wedding décor project with Rachael Grace Photography, I wanted to do something else with tin cans.  The idea of being able to place something in the recycling instead of the trash at the end of the night was so appealing. As a wedding planner, the end of the night can be a little sad. Not only is the big event over, we also have to throw away so much décor. With tin cans, you can just throw it in the recycling. Much better! To make these cans only took about 10 minutes. Wrap it with your wedding colors in lace or ribbon and voila! You have a green, recyclable vase!

Tin Cans wrapped with lace and burlapTin Cans wrapped with lace and burlap

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